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Book Worm is a utility token, we are the first platform to provide a cryptocurrency open library. We will be dedicating ourselves to providing services in five different sectors, publishing E-Books, motivating/encouraging/incentivizing people to read, translating books, educational sponsorships, and finally, green projects.

Green Service | BookWorm

As a project claiming to support our planet we will be doing many green projects, either directly or sponsoring a green project somewhere around the world.

Make It Easy To Publish


Authors face many challenges when it comes to publishing a book, such as, regulations, marketing, printing investments, publishers’ regulations and contracts. We at Book Worm intend to make it easy for writers to publish and take away all those challenges. There will be no restrictions or regulations to publish on our platform, there will be no need for initial investments, and also, our application and read to earn policy will take care of all the marketing needed for authors get the attention they need. Authors will benefit financially based on how much activity their book generates and also based on the total number of pages; each time a user stakes a token to read a book there will be a payment of BUSD to the author whose book was read.


More Read, More Earn


We have designed a token which will allow us to create a whole new system, Read-to-Earn. Users can access our books just by staking their tokens and once they finish reading one of our promoted books, the reader will be able to earn some BUSD (Binance USD$). Additionally, either by taking a simple exam or finishing some tasks, readers will be able to claim some prizes which can be saved inside our proprietary wallets that is available in our application; readers are also able to transfer assets to their own wallet. We have designed and considered many features and functionalities for this application and it has been designed from the ground-up to be as user friendly as possible with many different possibilities, optional features and customizable functionalities.

New world of translation


Book Worm has a plan to translate most bestseller books to every language possible. Every month we will be holding tenders of the most read books, and assign them to translators by their CV, translators’ work will be published by us and readers can comment on their books. Translators granted the most positive comments will sign a contract with us. Our community will decide on the priority of which books are to be translated next. Translators will be paid according to the agreement between the three parties, Book Worm, Translator and the Original Author. Either a single payment from Book Worm, or a percentage of the income per view for the authors; an acceptable compensation plan will be decided in due course.


An Education-Based Sponsorship


Book Worm is an education-based project. We want to give back to the world; our project will start sponsoring students around the globe for scholarships, and we will be paying their educational and living expenses so that they can graduate without financial concerns. Scholarships will be paid to those selected from all those who participate by sending us CVs, or introduced to us by educational programs around the world. The amount of scholarship will be based on their specific individual needs regarding getting through their higher educational program.

Nature-Friendly Technology

Green Project

E-Books Have already saved many plants and trees around the world. This is not enough, Book Worm has dedicated itself to create a healthier environment for the next generations. Regarding this we will be participating as many Green Projects around the globe as possible.